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Nathalie at URG's Greensboro, NC office once again helped me find the right house, at the right price and moment. She worked with me for months while the market was hot, even though it was hard to even get an appointment for any showing or open house. Fortunately, through her patience with me and once the market improved we found this one and she was amazingly diligent in communicating with me, getting the documents signed and managing things with the seller agent so my offer was accepted. She's guided me through any fixes the condo needs, the connection for transferring utilities, connecting with management and everything needed for getting the place fully ready to welcome the new tenants; yes, the place rented only a week after I signed! Thank you Nathalie for sharing your expertise and giving your all to help me and many other investors and home seekers.

Wendy Bolivar

Emily Maberry

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